Volunteering Experiences

This page is all about my volunteering experiences so far, a lot of personal stories about my experiences, the good parts, the bits I absolutely loved, as well as the parts which I didn’t quite enjoy or what I personally found difficult.

When I arrive back from Bangladesh late August, I will be taking part in something called “Action At Home” which will last for 6 months and consists of me empowering, inspiring and hopefully helping improve the lives of people around me at home, I’ve already got some great ideas to how & what I am going to be doing so looking forward to getting that going.

I have been told there will not be much Wifi (if any) during my time in Bangladesh so I will be updating the Bangladesh page below once I have returned to the UK, alternatively, I will be doing daily Vlogs whilst I’m over there which will be getting uploaded to my Youtube channel. For all the updates, make sure you have subscribed to the blog so you’ll get the updates :).