Between travelling and volunteering, this is where I’m most happiest. I’ve always tried to be involved with charity work, whether that’s volunteering myself or helping to fundraise for a charity I support at home. I think it’s a great way of developing yourself in a positive way whilst being able to help other people through different methods.

This page is going to be split down into a few different parts, in one grid you’ll have overseas volunteering about what I’ve personally done, I’ll speak about the different places I’ve visited, how I found it, the challenges and just basically all the different things I experienced whilst being involved.
There’s also a grid about researching the projects and the organisations you’ll be getting involved with, they will all differ and there’s a huge difference between locations, the projects and the way things are run and what’s expected so this will be about things to look for and the different types of volunteering.
There will be a grid about “At home” voluntary work, local homeless shelters, care homes etc and how you can get involved with them, tips and advice on how to start up a community project.
There’s going to be a lot of information and different things going up on this page so please do keep checking back on it and if there’s something you’d like to see or hear, please get in touch via the Contact me page.

PS: You may have noticed, I am building this myself, it’s an ongoing project with a few different parts, I am working tirelessly to get all the aspects up and running but I will be away in a rural area of Bangladesh so if I’m not able to get it built up before I go, I will do so when I’m back in the UK in September. 🙂