Work / Life Ratio & Finding Your Perfect Balance

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here but I think now is a perfect time to start writing and sharing some motivation for you guys.

A lot of people talk to me about work and life and there’s always the same concern or issue that pops up, no matter the age of the individual or the industry the person is working in.

You understand the importance of working but you don’t want to be losing your life and putting all your time and effort into your job where you don’t have time for anything else.

Maybe you have a similar story…

You start a new job, jump in with both feet, sprint towards all your targets and goals and become an unstoppable workforce for your company. People start to notice you and before you realise it, everyone is looking to you for help.

You get rewarded for your work ethic and the recognition is coming in at an endless supply. You might even get promoted and you may see yourself in a pinnacle position within the company.

What happens when this starts to fade? You spend two to five years working for this company as though it is yours, relentlessly working overtime, nights and weekends to exceed expectations and pull in results. The effort you’ve put in has secured you with a huge house, nice cars and the safety of knowing your family is financially looked after more than they could ever need.

It comes to a point where you step back and notice everything you’ve missed out on? Family days, birthday parties, holidays and it’s at this moment, the deep feeling of regret hits you in the face and you can’t unsee what you’ve just been awoken to.

Your family will never say it to you but they’ve missed out on you being there to enjoy special moments, your mates still talk to you but they’ve lost count of the events and trips they’ve made without you.

The other side of the coin is that you are out every night, socialising and being the life of the party, you never turn down the trips, holidays and events that you are invited to and your social life is abundant. You travel like crazy and are enjoying the hectic lifestyle you have, never knowing where you will be in 3 months time or what you’ll be doing.

You then notice people the same age settling down for well-paid jobs, great contracts and enjoying huge houses, great looking cars and everything they could ask for. You’ve created memories that will last a lifetime and met people from all around the world which you keep in contact with but you can’t help but think about where you would be if you’d stayed in one place and put your effort into one venture…

“Stop looking to other people as a benchmark, if you judge your life based on other people’s lives, you will never truly appreciate where you are and how far you’ve come”

Only you can find what your balance between work and life is but the trick is to find something which you enjoy doing so much that it never feels like work. Of course, we can go through stages and a career path that once suited you might change, its not a reason to be upset or get disheartened. Just look at the direction you are feeling inclined to move and start again.

Finding your balance ultimately lies between what you are wanting to achieve. For some of you, that may be to have great material assets, for others, it may be to travel the world. The options to what you can achieve are endless but that lies with you.

We are always looking around to see what the person next to us is doing but very rarely remember that we are only seeing their best bits.

What people think of me is none of my business” 

Everyone is so busy looking around at what the people next to them are doing and this is why we are so focused on finding that perfect balance but very rarely able to find it successfully.

Work out what is most important to you and then create your lifestyle around that one aspect. Learn along the way and enjoy the journey.

It’s never been about finding your work/life balance, it’s about finding what gets you up in the morning and then creating your own rules to work around your perfect balance.

Follow this link for more information on working out your reason why.