You are not here by accident

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog, I can promise you it’s not by accident & there’s a very good reason you are here reading this right now.

What’s this all about then?

Well, there’s a very good chance if like me you are somewhat disappointed with an aspect of your life, be that career, social or maybe even the family aspect in your life and you are sick of hopelessly looking for a way out or a way of making it work. Maybe you are just looking for something more from life & getting sick of forcing yourself to do something that isn’t working for you?

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My story

I’ll keep this short so you can read up on a different section but after bouncing between failed careers, a constantly evolving social life and having failure after failure within the 9-5 world, I realised that this lifestyle was not the one for me & actively went out searching for an alternative reality that made sense to my personal beliefs.

Through volunteering overseas, getting involved with international development and travelling abroad whilst making money from home, I endeavour to inspire people to chase their dreams, escape the 9-5 and truly live a life you can that’s meaningful to you.

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