Treasures Of Thailand

Overviw 40-42 Days

*New Itinerary for 2018!*

Our 6-week Treasures of Thailand tour is designed to maximize your Thailand travel experience. While introducing you to all of the highlights of this beautiful country, we have done extensive planning to ensure that no moment of your trip is wasted. Whether you are looking to soak up the sun on Thailand’s stunning islands, trek through the jungle, play with elephants at the ethical elephant experience, rock climb, snorkel, dive, shop, learn Thai cooking, get a Thai massage, visit the most famous Thai temples, or simply find the party, there is something for everyone – and especially for the person who wants to do it all! Now including stops in Chang Mai and Pai, this tour takes you from Bangkok through the eastern Thai islands, throughout the mainland and over to the western Thai islands. Take the Treasures of Thailand tour if you are looking for an action-packed adventure that truly introduces you to the wonders of Thailand.


Songkran: Our March Treasures of Thailand tour includes Songkran!


  • Welcome Information Booklet
  • Fun, easy-going trip leaders
  • Accommodations
  • Transportation from each destination
  • Wat Pho Temple Visit
  • Beach Beer Olympics
  • Tanote Bay Visit
  • Viewpoint Hike
  • Booze Cruise *Alcohol Not Included*
  • Koh Phangan Pool Party
  • Koh Phangan Island Tour
  • Full Moon Party
  • Blue Lagoon Trek
  • Caving
  • Trek to Longbeach
  • Kayaking
  • Hot Springs
  • Krabi Waterfalls
  • Erewan Waterfall Trek
  • Karaoke
  • Kanchanburi War Museum
  • Bridge over the River Kwai visit
  • Orchid Plantation
  • White Water Rafting
  • Night Market
  • Pai Canyon
  • Santichon Chinese Village
  • Costume Party
  • Ethical Elephant Experience
  • Singburi Bat Cave
  • Volunteer Day
  • Ayutthaya Monkey Temple Visit
  • Snorkeling
  • Local Market Trip
  • Chiang Mai Canyon
  • City Walking Tour
  • City Bike Tour
  • Koh Samui Island Tour (new included activity for 2018)


  • You will need to bring spending money for the
    following: (MINIMUM of $40 a day; bring more if you want
    to do more, sky is the limit!)
  • Optional Activities
  • Food
  • Alcohol
  • Any activities not listed as included such as scuba diving, yoga classes, cooking classes
  • Travel Visas
  • Travel Insurance
  • Shopping
  • Transportation to personal excursions and/or any optional activities that are NOT included in the tour


  • Scuba Diving Certification (8000 Baht)
  • Paddle Boarding (250 Baht)
  • Koh Tao Pub Crawl (450 Baht)
  • Wipe Out Course (750 Baht)
  • Shopping in Haadrin (Taxi 200 Baht)
  • Professional Muay Thai Fight (350 Baht)
  • Thai Massage (300 Baht)
  • Cooking Course (1000 Baht)
  • Yoga Class (300 Baht)
  • 360 Viewpoint Restaurant (Taxi 250 Baht)
  • The Dome (450 Baht)
  • Cinema (200 Baht)
  • Rock Climbing (800-1000 Baht)
  • Boat Trip to 4 different islands, snorkelling & a BBQ on a private beach (1500 Baht)
  • Snorkelling or Scuba Diving Trips (1800-2000 Baht)
  • Thai Massage at Women’s correctional Institution (150-200 Baht)
  • Maya Bay Booze Cruise (1800 Baht)
  • Waterpark (400 Baht)
  • Bike Rental (50 Baht)
  • Bungee Jump (2000 Baht)
  • Visit the Long Necks (100 Baht)
  • Zip Line (2000 Baht)
  • Pai Hot Spring (200 Baht)
  • Piranha Fishing (300 Baht)
  • Temples (Entrance is free – transportation costs vary)