Ultra Europe Music Festival Add-On (YachtLife Croatia Only) (Update Links)

OVERVIEW 3 Days or 4 Days (depending on dates)

Boasting the World’s best DJs, unparalleled production, and location in the beautiful city of Split, ULTRA EUROPE is the ultimate destination music festival in the world. This package includes 2 or 3 nights of accommodation and a general admission ticket to Ultra Europe.


How this extension works:

If you are doing YachtLife Croatia Week 1:

You will go on your YachtLife trip from July 1st-8th. You will then have 5 days off to explore beautiful Croatia (we recommend doing the Krka add-on) then you will do the 3-day Ultra add-on which includes 3 nights accommodation from July 14th-July 17th.

If you are doing YachtLife Croatia Week 2: 

You will go on your YachtLife trip from July 8th-15th. Ultra starts on Friday the 14th, so we will be sailing back to Split for the Friday in order for you to be back in time for the festival. On Saturday, the day your YachtLife tour ends, you will check out from the yacht and we will provide a transfer to the hostel where you can check-in and rest up for Ultra that night. You will have 2 nights of accommodation (Saturday & Sunday) included, then will check out on the Monday morning.

If you are doing YachtLife Croatia Week 3: 

You will arrive into Split on Thursday the 13th and check into the hostel for your 2-night package. On Friday you will head to Ultra with the group, and then check out of the hostel and transferred to the yacht to check-in on Saturday.  Following which, we will go for a day cruise then head to Ultra on Saturday night. We will do the same on Sunday, then set sail for your tour first thing Monday morning!

If you are doing YachtLife Croatia Week 4: 

You will do the 3-day Ultra add-on which includes 3 nights of accommodation from July 14th-July 17th. You will then have 4 days off to explore beautiful country of Croatia to your liking before checking in at Split Harbour on Saturday, July 22 for your 8-day YachtLife trip.



  • Fun, easygoing trip leaders to ensure you are always having an amazing time!
  • Accommodation – We have picked out the best hostels
    (private room share available at an extra cost)
  • General Admission to Ultra Europe Music Festival
  • Shuttle to Ultra Europe from the Hostel (return transfer is your responsibility since everyone leaves at different times).


We recommend you bring a minimum of €75 per day extra spending money

(bring more if you want to do more—the sky is the limit!) for the following:

  • Food
  • Alcohol
  • Any extra activities that are not included in the tour
  • Shopping