Top three hacks to saving money in the airport and on holiday

If you are anything like me, you love travelling but often get irritated at the ways airports and travel companies can make extra £££ out of you when you go on holiday.

Below you will find my 3 top tips to hacking the system and saving money in the airport and on holiday.

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Luggage allowance

We have all been caught out at least once with the weight allowance at the airport and the tough choice of paying £15+ per extra KG or getting rid of sun lotion, body wash, hair products and expensive aftershave/body spray…

Consider taking some some of our use bodywash/shampoo & conditioner with you. These packs are not only lightweight, convenient for travel but also free of damaging and harmful ingredients often found in a lot of main cosmetic companies. (Also not tested on animals)

It saves time, space and weight in your bag as well as avoiding purchasing local branded care products when you arrive at your destination. It also means you have extra room for any souviners or extra clothing.

Packs come in sizes of 10 & 30 which make it convenient for short and long getaways.

Water consumption

So you are at the airport after a long and tiring journey with a newly purchased bottle of water only to find you either have to drink it at security or get rid of it. As if this isn’t painful enough already, you can guarantee the same bottle you’ve just had to get rid off is going to be 5x as expensive on the other side of the gate…

What happens when you get to a different country and can’t drink tap water, you have lots of different conversations about which bottled water is going to give you the least gut trouble afterwards… Not the ideal situation when you are wanting to enjoy your well deserved break.

This is where Puritii water filtration system comes in. One filter is the equivalent to 450 plastic bottles as well as being safe and practical to use in any water source*. Not only are you saving the planet through the reduction of plastic but also saving a great amount of cash on water when on your travels.

Ps: If you are stranded, have no water and need to go toilet, this filter will turn it into safe drinking water.

*one filter lasts 10-12 weeks dependant on usage

Travel reward programs

A lot of flight companies offer in house loyalty schemes where the more you fly with them, you get to retrieve gifts like free cabin upgrades and points to use on future flights.

I found a system which saves and gives you back money £ for £ on travel. 😍 The basic idea is that when you sign up, you receive £200 to use on the same system used by companies such as Expedia. You get the lowest public price available as the company chips money in to the price depending on what you have saved and then whatever you pay converts back into travel £££ to use again and again.

Want to go to Thailand? Book your flights first, receive your travel £££ and then use them to save even more money on hotels to which you also receive £££. That’s the basic principle but if you’d like to know more, click here

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World Ocean Day 2018

For those who know me, know I love travelling and that I’m a keen advocate for responsible travel and am massively against plastic pollution.

Since it is World Oceans Day, I thought I would write a post about it and hopefully spread the importance of keeping our oceans clean from one of the most damaging materials that the human race has produced…

 The day is an important reminder to all of us about our plastic consumption and how much of it ends up in our oceans every single day, whilst raising awareness of what an important job the oceans play in sustaining our home, our planet.

Some scary facts for you…

  • Fish in the middle depths of the northern Pacific Ocean are ingesting as much as 24,000 tonnes of plastic each year.
  • Plastics are estimated to represent almost 80% of the total marine debris floating in the world’s oceans.
  • On average, 46,000 pieces of plastic are swirling in each square mile of our oceans
    267 species around the world are harmed by plastic.
  • 86% of sea turtles, 44% of seabirds and 43% of ocean mammals ingest or become tangled in plastic.

  • Every year, at least one million birds and 100,000 sharks, turtles, dolphins and whales die from eating plastic.
  • 10 millions tonnes of plastic end up in our sea every year.
  • We’ve produced more plastic in the last 10 years than we did in the whole of the last century.
  • Plastic bags are used for an average of 12 minutes but last over 1000 years.

  • plastic bottle will last more than 450 years if left on the beach.
  • Less than 5% of plastics are recycled worldwide.
  • 8.7 plastic shopping bags contain enough embodied petroleum to drive a car 1KM.

    Millions and millions of plastic water bottles are thrown away every year, filling landfills and seriously polluting our environment!

               How can you as an individual help to put a stop to this madness?

                        It’s simple… Stop buying plastic bottles.

    We are extremely proud to announce we have teamed up with Puritii Water which offers a fantastic solution to plastic pollution on our planet.

    Puritii water filter system provides safe clean water by removing pesticides, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride and many other contaminants.

    Just one Puritii portable filter equals 450 plastic water bottles….. If 50,000 people were to use this portable system this year, we can stop 135 million plastic water bottles from entering our oceans and our landfills….
    Image may contain: text

    This is an incredible start to saving our planet and a movement I am firmly behind! It’s not enough anymore to ‘recycle’ plastic waste, we need to remove it altogether.

    If you don’t do anything else today… Watch the video below and consider purchasing your Puritii Filter. Not only do you help save the planet by reducing plastic pollution, you also save money on water meaning you can spend that money on travelling more.

    To purchase your Puritii Water Filter System and put an end to Plastic pollution.
    Follow this link -> End Plastic Pollution With Puritii

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How you know you are moving in the right direction.

I’ve found with my own life, there’s only one journey that you can make, there’s easy parts, the straight road with a clear ‘end of the road sign’ & there’s the parts wich we don’t like. You’ll get lost, have to go back on yourself, 2nd guess yourself and end up in the same position more than once. We’ve all been through it and it what makes us stronger.

Below is a few things I’ve noticed when making the wrong choices and when making the right choices and how to focus in on the latter.

When you are going in the direction that gets you feeling scared, nervous, excited, it’s a good sign. People believe that negative emotions are bad and yes, they are, but only to some degree.
When you are passionate about something, you are scared of not achieving it. You get emotional thinking about it & you start to have some crazy thoughts. This is a good sign and you shouldn’t worry about it at all. That fear and the mix of emotions will keep you focused on accomplishing your goals.

Now compare that to a feeling of nothingness. You are at your job, there’s no emotion, nothing excites you & you aren’t eager to soaring with your position?
You probably aren’t too bothered about losing the job or whether the job is there in a years time.
Are you going to try doing well and succeeding to the best of your potential? Probably not.

There’s obviously going to a lot of positive emotions, feelings and thoughts.
Some people say when setting goals, take a moment to think how you would feel having accomplished your desires, whether that be travelling, purchasing a new car or house, setting up a new business, getting that promotion etc.

If you can sit and think about having the keys to your new house and it makes you happy and excited, then obviously you can start to recognise the journey you  need to start going on.

Your journey will become clear to you when you know what you after, if you aren’t too sure on what you desire, I suggest checking out Goal setting, why it’s important and how you can set goals to propel your success.

Alternatively, if you know what you want to get out of life but not sure why, I recommend reading Do you know your WHY? and using this to create an action plan that you can use to create a clear path.


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Are you giving yourself permission to be you?

To give you and idea…

  • I used to make my choices based on people’s opinions.
  • I was afraid of people passing judgement on my decisions.
  • I’ve always had an urge to do something bigger and greater but was afraid that I wasn’t ready or that I didn’t have the right experience.

I’m not entirely sure I was aware of my behaviour at the time, but it’s fair to say that I was genuinely in a cycle of waiting to receive approval or permission to be, do or have the things I wanted in my life.


You want to know the real reason why I was allowing this to happen to me? It’s the same reason people are still allowing it to happen to them…


  • We are either scared or insecure.
  • We are scared to take any personal responsibility.
  • We are scared of experiencing failure.
  • We are insecure because we have been made to believe we have nothing to offer.
  • We are insecure because we think we are unable of providing value.


I totally understand it…

Life is going at a rapid speed, the future is constantly uncertain and our fears and insecurities are our rational thought processes to keep us out of harm’s way.

Okay, so maybe you aren’t an expert in the field you want to venture in…. But you want to know something?

You are always good enough to start.

And trust me, you can only get better as you keep doing the do.


I get it. It’s scary… It’s scary to go after what you want. What if you don’t make it? What if you fail miserably? What if you never get it moving?



Want to know what is even scarier?

  • Choosing not to go after what you want.
  • Not making it in a corporate job you have little interest in.
  • Failing miserably in a corporate job you have little interest in.



Besides, even without that, ask yourself questions like:

  • What if what I wanted to achieve could really work?
  • What if I could actually accomplish my dreams?
  • What if I could get what I want out of life?

You soon start to realise that although this can be a scary thought, it can also be extremely exciting.
When we start to move forward, casting aside any fears, learning to overcome the obstacles that stand in our way, we will very quickly gain momentum that will be near impossible to get rid off.

As we continue to grow, we will always be that much closer to our end goal.

Maybe, (and this is only a suggestion) it’s time for you to get started and give yourself all the permission you want to get after what you want to achieve. Honestly, the only person holding you back in life, the only person responsible for your outcome in life is YOU.

If you decide to make that one vital decision, the decision to be yourself and take full responsibility for every single aspect of your life, it will all just fall into place.

I am setting you a challenge right now. A challenge to go after something you’d like to do, be or have in your life.

The only person able to change the rules for your life is you. Start changing them now.


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UK to Bangladesh

Hey guys, so this will be a bit of a different post but I just want to give you a heads up on a few things. We arrived in Bangladesh earlier on this week and today we are heading out to different communities to work on a number of projects looking to tackle different challenges they face on a daily basis.

I can’t guarantee we will have much internet facilties whilst in community but I will try and bring some value to you at least once a week.

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Slenderiiz Competition

Take Part in a Healthy Challenge!

At ARIIX, we support healthy living – which is why we want to reward you for living a clean lifestyle daily. Want to take part in a healthy challenge and win some money along with it? Take a look at the rules and steps below!

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From today until June 8, you can purchase a pack containing the Slenderiiz Day & Night drops (check below for which packs apply), submit a before picture on June 16-17 and those with the best progress by July 14 can win amazing cash prizes!


1. Purchase a pack containing Day & Night drops, between May 27 and June 8. Examples: new packs created for the Slenderiiz competition (with Rejuveniix, Restoriix or Pure Nourish), and any other packs containing additional products (see Total Body Transformation Pack, 3X pack, etc.). Slenderiiz single or 2-pack is not included in this.

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Competition Packs





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Is your energy safe?

This is going to be a bit different to my usual blog posts and slightly shorter but I’m hoping you’ll find it thought provoking.


Don’t you just mean safety?

We talk about safety a great deal when it comes down to the physical stuff. “Don’t put your hand in a fire, you’ll burn yourself and it will hurt”

“Don’t climb that, you’ll fall and hurt yourself”

From an early age, we have these messages placed into our heads and whilst there’s no conversation to be had in regards to the warnings we are offered, it creates a fear which you never know the reason behind, merely noting the fact that you are in fact scared of something.

Most of this stems from childhood and if you do have fears, there is of course a few examples of personal reasons you are genuinely scared but a large percentage of the time, it is more to do with what you’ve heard from people as you’ve been growing up.

What do I mean by energy safety?

Have you ever been having a conversation with someone you know & they vent for hours and talk to you about all their dramas, they leave feeling much better & you feel completely drained, unwilling to speak to anyone or do anything? Chances are you’ve all felt this & it’s exactly what I’m speaking about.

Regardless of what you believe, there are situations and conversations you’ll have faced which have completely taken it all out of you & while you might have a different explanation for it, such as the ‘person you speaking to is just negative’ or ‘There was such a bad vibe in that room’. You are picking up the negative energy and you aren’t really sure on how to deal with it, but you know it’s there.

So you are understanding what I’m talking about now even if you have a different word for it or a phrase, either way, it’s a bad feeling and you don’t like it. It’s gets dark when you think that’s a single person who has that ability to make you feel that drained and low, now imagine that power on a global scale.

What am I trying to get at?

Can you remember the last time there was genuinely a good news story broadcast on your morning news programme? OR was it all latest stories inducing hate, fear and division amongst people?

Believe it or not, despite what the media would have you believe, there are more good people sharing this planet with you than there are bad.

Beautiful To Live By Quotes | Quote Addicts

Why is it the media are so focused on portraying the worst in and placing us in a state of fear and emotional distress? Why is the media constantly trying to keep us in a negative state?

“Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

I’m not trying to tell people what to do or what not to do but merely to be observant of everything around you. When watching the news in the morning. Ask yourself if it’s a story that is empowering you and making you feel good as opposed to a story that is upsetting you and making you feel low.

Everything around us has a field that we are constantly tuning into. It is said we are an average of the 5 people we spend most of our time with & it comes back down to this. If you have people who are always low and complaining spending all their time with you, chances are you will reciporicate this.

Be vigilant, observe the media and the people around you & if you notice it isn’t lifting you up, then leave it behind. The only people who benefit from you being in a state of negativity are the ones who tried to put you there in the first place, (whoever that may be).

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Let’s be honest, society today is a lot different to that of the past. It’s fair to say that one major change is how generous we are to each other these days. Entire communities used to get together, neighbours really knew one another and generally, people were a lot more giving of their money, resources and time. I can’t help but look around and see a society that has lost touch of its generosity.

Can we be blamed? I mean, so many of us are now rushing around from one activity to another, we have 101 tasks to do in the space of an hour, the phone is constantly pinging, the emails are coming in fast and rapid & the last thing on your mind is generosity. I know a lot of people send monthly donations to the favourite charity and sometimes you might even get a “That’s my good deed for the day” in a conversation with a colleague or a friend, but most of the time, service and generosity often get left behind to make way for all of life’s responsibilities.

You might be reading this now and wondering how you can perhaps give the generous behaviour a great kick start, you’ll be happy to know that below is a list compiled of some very practical but small steps you can start implementing to encourage more of the same behaviour around you.

  1. Say good morning to everyone.
  2. Hold a door open.
  3. Bring the office coffee. Or donuts, bagels, or fresh fruit.
  4. Say please and thank you all the time.
  5. Give up your seat.
  6. Really listen.
  7. Don’t interrupt.
  8. Return your shopping cart.
  9. Use driving etiquette. Let people merge. Yield at traffic signals appropriately. Don’t tailgate.
  10. Say I’m sorry when you’re in the wrong.
  11. Throw away your rubbish.
  12. Pick up someone else’s waste and throw it away.
  13. Volunteer to walk the neighbour’s dog.
  14. Send words of encouragement to someone who’s struggling.
  15. Help a friend who is super stressed.
  16. Leave a generous tip when eating out.
  17. Drop your spare change into a tip jar.
  18. Pass along a book, especially if it’s a really good one.
  19. Send a handwritten note.
  20. Do your best to locate the owner of a lost phone or wallet.
  21. Make eye contact with people and smile.
  22. Compliment others for jobs well done.
  23. Let people jump in front of you in lines.
  24. Treat a friend to a night out—for no reason!
  25. Praise colleagues when they complete difficult tasks.
  26. Send your boss or manager a letter of gratitude.
  27. Leave an interesting article on the train for someone else to enjoy.
  28. Invite your neighbours over for an evening of preparing freezer meals.
  29. Take a meal to your neighbours.
  30. Offer to mentor someone.
  31. Tell your spouse you love them and a reason why.
  32. Call your mom. Thank her for doing her best.
  33. Put a surprise note in your kid’s or spouse’s lunch.
  34. Send a “thinking about you” text.
  35. Take a meal to your aging parents.
  36. Volunteer time at a local homeless shelter (See Volunteering for more information)
  37. Become an organ and blood donor.
  38. Offer shelter under your umbrella to others headed in the same direction.
  39. Do something around the house without being asked.
  40. Submit a positive online review of a business.
  41. Praise an employee’s service to their manager.
  42. Return books to the appropriate spot on shelves.
  43. Donate your items around the house.
  44. Give someone the benefit of a doubt.
  45. Donate £1. You never know how much it could help another.
  46. Open an email address for your kids and fill it with memories, quotes, and special things that take place in their childhood.
  47. Check in with someone.
  48. Offer to babysit free of charge.
  49. Return items left at your house after parties or events.
  50. Invite someone to dinner.
  51. Offer to carry someone’s groceries to their car.
  52. When upset, take ten minutes before responding.
  53. Print extra coupons to pass along to friends.
  54. Give directions.
  55. Offer to take a tourist’s photo.
  56. Write a note of encouragement and leave it between the pages of a library book.
  57. Coach a sports team.
  58. Help a classmate prepare for a test.
  59. Bring in your neighbour’s bins.
  60. Forgive someone.
  61. Work on a community flowerbed.
  62. Complain less, be grateful more.
  63. Send a care package.
  64. Help someone with bags or luggage.

I believe that a generous heart is essential. Let’s work together to bring back the art of generosity by applying some of these simple activities to our daily routine. This list should just be the start, obviously, there are endless ways to become generous.

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Goal setting, why it’s important and how you can set goals to propel your success.

I always grew up with the idea of setting SMART goals… I’m sure most of you have also grown up with this goal setting mentality and whilst some would argue it’s the best foundation to use when setting goals, I am going to tell you why I think making goals using the SMART method is a waste of your time and is killing your dreams.

Before I get started on that though, if you haven’t heard of a SMART goal before, you’ll want to know what one is and looks like.

The principles of SMART goals are as followed:

Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely

Specific: The idea that you have a greater chance of accomplishing something when it is specific as opposed to being general. This is often split into the 6 “W” questions.

*Who:      Who’s involved?

*What:     What is the goal?

*Where:    Is there a location involved?

*When:    How long are you giving yourself?

*Which:    Are there any constraints or requirements?

*Why:      We’ve spoken about your “Why” on another post. See Do you know your WHY? for detailed information, but basically, what is your reasons, the purpose or accomplishments to achieving your goal?

We’ll use the example of this would be a general goal: “Lose weight”
A specific goal would look like “Join a local gym, workout 2 days a week and lose this much weight per week”

Measurable –  Set concrete criteria so you can measure your progress to achieving your goals. 

By measuring your progress, you ensure you stay on track & this helps you stay accountable and reach your target dates, gives you loads of good emotional feelings and keeps you driven to reach the goal.


Attainable – You’ll start to find ways your goals can come true the minute you find out what you WHY is. For more information, follow this link

When you work out what is important to you, you’ll naturally figure out ways to make it all work. Everything changes from your mindset & attitude, you develop skills and the capabilities to reach them. Previous obstacles are now opportunities that can help you hit your targets and reach your goals.

When you plan your steps carefully and establish your time frame, you can attain any goal you desire. Goals that have seemed unreachable are now becoming more and more attainable for you. It’s not your goals shredding down but you growing and developing into the person you need to be to reach them. Your self-image changes and you start to see yourself as worthy to reach the goals. You develop traits and a personality to follow that helps you on your path.

Realistic– I don’t like this whole “Set realistic goals or you’ll never achieve them”

If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.

I’m not saying you should be competing with other people for setting goals….  But if you set your goals low enough that you know you can do them without a risk of failing, do you really need or want it that badly?

I guess (and this is only my interpretation of it) setting a realistic goal means a goal you are willing and able to work towards & it needs to make sense to you. There’s no point in saying you want to end world hunger if you really deep down want a huge mansion and 10 Mustangs outside with a helicopter waiting in the garden. You are the only one who can decide how high your goal should be, break it down into smaller goals (See time) and break it up bit by bit.

Again, a high goal is actually so much easier to reach than a low goal… You might be thinking I’m crazy here.  A low goal exerts literally no or very little motivational force. Look back at what you’ve achieved & I bet some of the hardest things you’ve conquered have actually been the easiest because you knew where the journey was taking you.

High goals = Motivation = Emotional Success

Timely – Set your time frame. Massively important!!! If there’s no time frame, there’s no urgency. How many times have you told yourself, “I’ll do something tomorrow”. That was like last year right? How about the “I’ll get around to it someday” How many more garden projects are you going to start? It doesn’t work.

If your life gets busy & you can’t do it at the time, it’s different, but tell yourself that you are taking a break from it, and set it in your diary a week before you are due to start again, then every day before with reminders and cue points to get you back on where you left it. This will trigger your unconsciousness to bring all the memories back so you can start back with the same emotion.

Daily affirmations you can use in order to become successful

Just like setting goals daily, weekly, monthly and annually, it’s also vital that you use daily affirmations and create a routine that is going to help you become successful.

“I don’t believe in positive mindset nonsense” “I’m lucky anyway, so don’t need to use affirmations”

(I have actually heard both of these multiple times). It’s great if life is going the way you’d like, should you hit an obstacle however, how strong is your mindset going to be & are you going to be able to get back up?

Below is a list that has been collected for you to use as and when you desire. Daily affirmations for success, now even if you use only a few of these daily, your mindset will be a lot clearer and open and ready for success. 

Let’s take a look at the list below.

  1. I have the power to create all the success and prosperity I desire.

  2. I let go of old, negative beliefs that have stood in the way of my success.

  3. My mind is free of resistance and open to exciting new possibilities.

  4. I am worthy of all the good life has to offer, and I deserve to be successful.

  5. I believe in myself and my ability to succeed.I am grateful for all my skills and talents that serve me so well.

  6. I am enjoying my work today and optimistic about the coming days.

  7. The universe is filled with endless opportunities for me and my career.

  8. I am surrounded by positive, supportive people who believe in me.

  9. I am always open minded and eager to explore new avenues to success.

  10. I have the power to create all the success and prosperity I desire.

  11. I let go of old, negative beliefs that have stood in the way of my success.

  12. My mind is free of resistance and open to exciting new possibilities.

  13. I am worthy of all the good life has to offer, and I deserve to be successful.

  14. I believe in myself and my ability to succeed.I am grateful for all my skills and talents that serve me so well.

  15. I am enjoying my work today and optimistic about the coming days.

  16. The universe is filled with endless opportunities for me and my career.

  17. I am surrounded by positive, supportive people who believe in me.

  18. I am always open minded and eager to explore new avenues to success.

  19. I believe in myself and in my ability to succeed

  20. I recognize opportunity when it knocks and seize  the moment.

  21. Every day I discover interesting and exciting new paths to pursue.

  22. When I need help, I effortlessly attract the perfect resources and solutions.

  23. Everywhere I look, I see prosperity.I am well organized and manage my time with expert efficiency.

  24. I am committed to achieving success in every area of my life.

  25. I love my job, and my work is a fulfilling part of my journey to greater success.

  26. My ambitions are in perfect alignment with my personal values.

  27. I work with fascinating, inspiring people who all share my enthusiasm.

  28. By creating success for myself I am creating success and opportunities for others.As I take on new challenges I feel calm, confident, and powerful.

  29. Creating solutions comes naturally to me.I always attract successful people who understand and encourage me.

  30. I recognize every new challenge as a new opportunity.

  31. I celebrate each goal I accomplish with joy and gratitude.

  32. The more successful I become, the more confident I feel.

  33. I consistently attract just the right circumstances at just the right time.I am grateful for all the abundance flowing into my life.

  34. I trust my intuition and am always guided to make wise decisions.

  35. I stay focused on my vision and pursue my daily work with passion.Every day is filled with new ideas that inspire and motivate me.

  36. I excel in all that I do, and success comes easily to me.

  37. I always expect a positive outcome and I naturally attract good results.

  38. I take pride in my ability to make worthwhile contributions to the world.

  39. I attract brilliant mentors who graciously share their wisdom and guidance.

  40. I step outside my comfort zone with courage and confidence.

  41. I am a patient listener and an effective communicator.

  42. As I allow more abundance into my life, more doors open for me.

  43. I am free of stress and I thrive under pressure.I set high standards for myself and always live up to my expectations.

  44. I have an endless supply of new ideas that help me become more and more successful.

  45. I have released all limiting beliefs about my ability to succeed.

  46. Every day I dress for success in body, mind, and spirit.

  47. I think big and dream big without reservation. I love who I am and I naturally attract people who respect me as a unique individual.

  48. I am creating a life of abundance and happiness.

  49. I am successfully living up to my full potential.

  50. I am making the world a better place by being a positive, powerful influence.

  51. I am grateful for my financial success.I am living the dream!



Remember to use a few each day and say them with clarity and meaning. Wake up 10-15 minutes early and take these in. Ensure these become part of your daily routine. Often saying it in front of a mirror helps to increase the amount of power this has.

Believe in these and yourself and you will start to notice small changes, remember you are in control but your best ally is your mind. Learn to take ownership and you will flourish in whatever you desire.

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