Save The Planet – Travel For Less

Ever wondered if there’s a way of travelling the world at discounted rates whilst helping to save the planet?

Would you like to earn travel £££ for travelling to your dream locations like Maldives, Bahamas or Fiji?

What would you be willing to do to create a lifestyle that allows you to travel the world?

Keep reading this post to find out how.

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”

Welcome to ARIIX Travel, where exotic places meet exceptional prices.

Dubai, Bora Bora, Morocco? Can you dream that big? Let us take you there. We make it possible.

For every pound you invest in your health and travelling the world, we give you back Reward Pounds toward incredible holiday savings.

Reward Pounds help pay for your trip by getting your rate down to the lowest wholesale price.*

And the more products you use, the more you save on amazing holidays!*

When new places are calling your name, new memories are waiting to be made, and you’re ready to discover just how beautiful life is, we’ll take you on the holiday of your dreams, not just once, but as often as you wish to go.

Every time you go, we’ll reward you with the means to go again. And again. With us, you work hard… and play harder.

Come dream with us. Together, we’ll create unforgettable memories.

*Discount rates apply to lowest published prices.

Here’s How It Works

reviive products

For every pound, dollar or euro you invest in your health, we invest in amazing holiday savings for you, pound for pound.

reviive products

1. Purchase £100 of Puritii Water Filtration products and Ariix contributes 100 reward pounds to your rewards bank.

reviive products

2. Apply your 100 reward pounds to your holiday – that’s a £100 cash savings! Not only do you save money by using your rewards pounds but we also give you the lowest price available!

reviive products

3. Check it out:
300 is the cheapest published price (Priceline, Expedia etc)

100 rewards pounds received from your Reviive purchase.
£200 is all you pay for a great getaway!

reviive products4. It gets even better! For every £1 you spend out of pocket on travel, Ariix gives you back 1 rewards pound that goes back into your rewards bank – waiting for your next trip – so you can go again and again! On this trip, you just earnt £200 rewards pounds for the £200 you paid out of pocket. It’s time to plan your trip!


Buy £100 of products
Get £100 in reward pounds
Save £100
Spend £200 on your trip
Earn £200 reward pounds.

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So you now have access to one amazing travel rewards system, where does saving the planet come into it?

  • Fish in the middle depths of the northern Pacific Ocean are ingesting as much as 24,000 tonnes of plastic each year.
  • Plastics are estimated to represent almost 80% of the total marine debris floating in the world’s oceans.
  • On average, 46,000 pieces of plastic are swirling in each square mile of our oceans
    267 species around the world are harmed by plastic.
  • 86% of sea turtles, 44% of seabirds and 43% of ocean mammals ingest or become tangled in plastic.

  • Every year, at least one million birds and 100,000 sharks, turtles, dolphins and whales die from eating plastic.
  • 10 million tonnes of plastic end up in our sea every year.
  • We’ve produced more plastic in the last 10 years than we did in the whole of the last century.
  • Plastic bags are used for an average of 12 minutes but last over 1000 years.

  • plastic bottle will last more than 450 years if left on the beach.
  • Less than 5% of plastics are recycled worldwide.
  • 8.7 plastic shopping bags contain enough embodied petroleum to drive a car 1KM.Millions and millions of plastic water bottles are thrown away every year, filling landfills and seriously polluting our environment!           How can you as an individual help to put a stop to this madness?

    It’s simple… Stop buying plastic bottles.

    Puritii water filter system provides safe clean water by removing pesticides, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride and many other contaminants.

    Just one Puritii portable filter equals 450 plastic water bottles….. If 50,000 people were to use this portable system this year, we can stop 135 million plastic water bottles from entering our oceans and our landfills….
    Image may contain: text

    This is an incredible start to saving our planet and a movement I am firmly behind! It’s not enough anymore to ‘recycle’ plastic waste, we need to remove it altogether.

What now???

1. Create your new travel lifestyle by accessing our system here: Travel For Less

2. Purchase your own Puritii water filter by following this link:

3: Share your travel stories with your friends and family to help them save the planet and travel for less.

4. Decide you would like to make an additional income to travel more and help other people save the planet and travel for less.

Is water really the source of life?

I have one question for you… How much money do you think you have spent on bottled water over the past 5 years whilst travelling overseas?

If you are anything like me then I am assuming you have spent a great amount so far. It is a common fact that unsanitary water can cause illnesses such as diarrhoea & vomiting and it is very important to avoid drinking tap water or when brushing your teeth especially in countries with poor water sanitation.

Does that mean that you should be prepared to spend lots of money on bottled water? 

Travellers heading overseas are almost always advised to avoid the local tap water and only use bottled water but it’s alarming when you take some time to look at this properly. The “drink bottled water” advice can be quite dangerous when based on the assumption that the bottled water you’ll be drinking is of the same quality to what you are used to back at home.

Quite often, bottled water has been filled with tap water, re-sealed and then resold to make a further profit with no real care with regards to the implications to your health.

So, if you can’t guarantee the safety and quality of bottled water, what other options do you have? 

A lot of people think that drinking tap water is okay but you only have to switch on your TV to see some of the latest news surrounding water standards in well-developed countries. In most developing countries, and like previously mentioned, some of the best known developed:  freshwater sources can and are largely contaminated by industrial waste which is dumped directly into rivers and streams… An estimated half a million tonnes of PCBs were discharged into our environment during the 20th century.
In most, if not in all developing countries and even some best known developed countries – Fresh water sources can be largely contaminated by industrial waste being dumped directly into rivers and streams, an estimated half million tons of PCBs were discharged into the environment during the 20th century.

In 2012, the United Kingdom was voted as 14th in the list of OECD measuring 0.4 death rates due to unsafe WASH services per 100,000 population with the USA being in 6th position with a 0.6 rating along with Canada and New Zealand.

So tap water is unsafe to use due to metals, microbial and chemical pollution but surely bottled water if sealed is okay to use?

The cost of bottled water alone is extortionate and if you’ve ever been stuck waiting in an airport, train station or petrol station, you know how much this can cost especially when there is no other option nearby.  Maybe the cost doesn’t upset you too much, after all, it is so much better than drinking tap water right?

There are countless studies showing that bottled water is often less regulated and tested than tap water and is not treated for any metal contaminants. The plastic alone carries over 24,000 chemicals, are not BPA free and is linked to long-term health complications.

Image may contain: text






Long-term health complications as well as being financially costly, what makes this worse then is the amount of plastic pollution harbouring our environment to date:

We are killing our biosystems more each year with the rapid growth in plastic pollution.

On average, 46,000 pieces of plastic are swirling in each square mile of our oceans and estimated to represent almost 80% of the total marine debris floating in the world’s oceans…
Every year, at least one million birds and 100,000 sharks, turtles, dolphins and whales die from eating plastic, whilst on average, a plastic bag will be used for about 12 minutes, they stay around for 450 years when left on a beach.

Bottled water is not only damaging to your health, financially costly but also killing our biosystem and getting worse each year…

What if there was a more affordable, proven and safer way to drinking water? Global Travel Adventures may have found the perfect solution for you:

Image may contain: text

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Puritii is cheaper, more convenient as well as being a better and healthier alternative, ensuring you and your loved ones are consuming safe water.

“The portable Puritii Filter is most powerful biological and chemical purifier on the planet!”

Dennis Brown
39 years and 20-Patents in the Water Industry and the Inventor of the Puritii Water Filter

This incredible filter is designed to filter 60 gallons or 7680 fluid ounces of water. The typical bottled water is 16.9 fluid ounces. 7680/16.9 = 454.4 which means one Puritii filter can filter about 454 typical bottles’ worth of water before a new one is needed.

With the average bottle water on the go being $1.18 the Puritii Filter will save you hundreds of dollars and you will be saving hundreds of plastic bottles polluting our planet.

There is truly on one solution when it comes to the safe consumption of water: Puritii

To purchase this incredible filtration unit, simply follow this link and save yourself 15% off in the process: Claim 15% off by clicking here

Want to more information before purchasing? Use the contact me form to send me a message directly.

Team Livelihood UK

Earlier this year, I took part in an international development project in Bangladesh working to identify & help develop entrepreneurship in a rural community.
During the evening and my free time, I was thinking about and looking into how I can bring all my passions into one place and help other people get motivated to chase after their own dreams.

So many people see me travelling, having fun and volunteering and often say “Karl… I admire the fact you do all this cool stuff and I have a lot of respect for your volunteering and helping people who need it… I wish I was able to do it BUT I would never be able to get the time off work, I have too many commitments back home to even consider going away like you do.”

It became apparent to me there is a massive gap between what people are currently doing and what they really desire to do… and maybe…. Just reading this is making you think that I am writing about you right now?

The truth is there are so many people living life like they have a second chance at it later on…  There are so many people I know who talk to me and express their fear of death yet I can’t think of anything else scarier than just existing. Literally going day by day completing the same mundane task with no actual passion or goal to reach.

At the same time, so many people say “YOLO, you only live once” when the exact opposite is true, you only die once… You have so many opportunities to change your life and live it the exact way you want to! Team Livelihood UK is a movement helping you identify exactly what you are wanting to achieve in life so you can take the steps towards achieving it.

When I was sat down one night in Bangladesh going through the conversations in my head, looking at my own life and where I want to be heading, what I want to be doing, I had one of the most profound experiences, what I saw was just incredible and I am excited to be sharing this with all of you right now.

Imagine a network of driven and motivated individuals dedicated to improving their own lives in all aspects through Healthy Body, Generous Heart, Personal Development, Strong Finances & Empowering Others.

Consider being involved in a global team of changemakers who are laser focused on chasing their dreams, helping each other to reach their own goals and empowering and uplifting everyone around them to do the exact same.

Team Livelihood is not going to be for everyone and if you are reading this right now and you are truly happy with everything in your life then I am extremely happy for you and I would definitely like to hear from you so post a comment and let me know who you are. It would be awesome to speak to you 🙂

I have never seen something so clearly before and this is an exciting time especially for those of you reading this who are looking for something bigger than what you are currently seeing in your life. The universe works in ways which are unexplainable but if there is something you feel that is missing then there is a very good chance this has come at a perfect time for you and your life.

Team Livelihood is all about helping people get from life what they are looking for especially those who are:

  • Passionate about doing & becoming more than what they currently feel able to.
  • Advocates for tackling global issues facing poverty
  • Looking to make a change but (with their current circumstances feel helpless)
  • Feeling like they could and who are wanting to change the world
  • Interested in involving themselves with an international organisation in its early stages
  • Wanting to personally develop and share their stories to empower people around them
  • Looking to secure their futures financially whilst inspiring others to chase their dreams

TeamLivelihood is going to help so many people over the next few years especially those who are involved with it and the vision I have got for this is huge.

If after reading this and you want to know more, please post a comment below introducing yourself, you can also contact me using the contact form by clicking here

I would like to help as many people as possible with this so if you have any loved ones and friends who are always talking about doing more, if you know people who are constantly talking about needing to “break away,” have people in your circle who are ‘always in the clouds and dreaming a bigger life’ then it is important for you to pass this to them. To do so, please use the social media icons below to share or copy and paste the URL and share with the people who are looking to achieve more.

Thank you.

Lowdown On Culture Shock

With my love for travelling and my various experiences, people always ask me how I cope with culture shock, venturing to exotic destinations and visiting exciting places with different ways of life.

I always find it really hard to answer people but before I go into my personal experiences, below is a few different things you can expect going from your home city to a new country or a rural community.

The difference in weather can and will be somewhat unbearable, the noise on the streets will be something different to what you are used to, expect dust in the air and then mix this with a language unknown to you & a complete difference in food. If you aren’t knowing what to expect, culture shock will get to you.

Culture shock – part of the experience

No matter where you are from, most travellers will gain some form of culture shock when arriving to a new destination different from their home country, especially in terms of culture, religion and language.

Whether this is light or severe is a different question but culture shock is part of the process and for some, experiencing this is all part of the reason to travel. Finding and looking for the things we cannot experience at home and learning to adapt to the new way of life is something most enjoy taking part in. This process usually lasts for a few days but can take a week for some.


Preparing for culture shock

A great way to manage culture shock is to take some time researching the destination you are visiting beforehand, prepare yourself for what is coming. Take some time to read up on your destination, learn about the etiquette for tipping, ordering food, asking for directions, religious & local cultural events and try to learn some local language.

Read online travel blogs and check to see if there is a checklist for things to take which will help you. Finding out other peoples recommendations is a great way to match your travelling experience and see the issues they have faced so you don’t have to. For my recommendations and some top tips for international travel; click here

Culture shock of return

This is always a hard one for me especially when spending 12 weeks in rural communities, I see how quickly we don’t need materialistic items and how having gadgets around us all the time is never going to make us happy.

With spending time in a rural community,  I realised how much ‘connected’ everyone is with each other, there’s a wider feeling of belonging & you are able to have some of the most honest conversations with people you will be able to have.


For those of you reading this who have never travelled outside your home country, I understand that the thought of travelling to a new location can seem quite daunting & the thought of leaving your home comforts can be scary but we are resilient and our ability to adapt to new surroundings is something that you haven’t quite realised yet.

Spending time in a hostel and meeting new people is a great way of making new friends and hearing a new perspective on life to what you are used to can be greatly refreshing.

Please share with your friends and family and start to plan your next travelling venture, Comment below and let me know where you would love to go to next

Thank you.

2 Sides To The Same Coin.

From an early age, I found it hard to really express how I feel to people, this grew more as I got older especially when my views on life are so different to the way people perceive what is the norm.
I speak to people and they fit into one of two brackets & I’m sure you will have one feeling about all of this or the other.
Either you feel very distant and somewhat alienated which is totally fine & I suppose I felt like this until I stepped over the line or you are greatly inspired by my writing and it’s helping you to take a leap of faith with your own life and travel a journey you once thought impossible.

Whichever way you feel, I want you to understand this is perfectly okay, you might be rushed with different emotions in both cases which is okay, either way, I’m hoping you can find some value through this post & my website as a whole.

So although the title of this blog is globaltraveladventures, I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m not solely speaking about travelling but rather my life and experiences with some of my travels mixed in and tips and advice on health and wellness.

I guess for me, the first moment I realised that there was a big part of me that liked the idea of travelling was when I was posted to Cyprus with the Army back in 2013. I quickly realised a language which everyone speaks which is smiling and happiness.

I soon found that people no matter where they were from (You do get the exception) will reciprocate your friendliness. I met a lot of new people, who I still speak to today from Cyprus as well as the Falklands. I’m currently looking into travelling to Chile to catch up with some of the workers who I became close with in the Falkland islands.  I also found I had a greater respect for nature and animals than originally thought.

I worked out that there was more to life than what I was doing and it’s where I really started to look at life in a different way. My life was void of any spiritual aspect and the army only perpetuated that.

I became so much more interested in the philosophical aspects of life and it really led me to a new way of thinking which really disorientated me with regards to everything I thought I once knew.

With my new views on life, I was fully prepared for my 12 weeks in Uganda. Not entirely sure what to expect but willing to learn, help other people and experience a new culture, a different way of life and although I didn’t realise this at the time, find a new purpose to this crazy thing called life.



I was always taught from the world around me and society that we need to get a job and earn money in order to live a good life. In the 12 weeks I spent in Uganda, my whole preconceived idea of happiness, purpose and living a good life went out the window. These children taught me more about life than anything else ever has.


People spoke to me about the culture shock and the difficulties of transferring myself into an environment like rural Uganda but the only difficulty I found was the return back to the UK, the separation from the world, the unwillingness to be open and have a conversation with others.

I found it difficult and I guess, I still do, everyone is so focused on the distractions of life (Social media, TV, games etc) that we miss the point of it, to connect and love.

Maga Tinie T

I cannot trust in the fact that we were put on this planet to sit in an office to earn money for a corporation we have no interest in & I’m certain the more you think about it, the more you start to agree.

“But, it’s easy for you, you just go and travel, I mean, you don’t have any responsibilities”

I can promise getting a job at a local office would have been the easiest thing for me to do whereas the hardest part would have been lying to myself about how “happy” I would have been.

The path to seeking out your goals isn’t an easy one, you’ll have constant doubts, friends and family who put you down and try to keep you down, insecurities and most of society judging you and telling you how to live your life.


The truth about it is if they were as bothered at chasing their own dreams as they were keeping you from reaching yours, they wouldn’t have time to judge you.


There’s going to be times when you want to give up and throw in the towel. There’s going to be times where you fall down, and the fall can be a huge one.

I know from experience that you will always manage to get back up on your feet and carry on fighting through it all.

You might feel like you are in deep water and struggling to stay afloat, you might even consider giving up the fight and going under.

Stop looking at the issues, think solutions and get back on your grind to success.


Lastly, say no to peer pressure, no to what and who society tell you to be and start living life for yourself. You have so much potential to do whatever you want so the question I ask you is:

What is stopping you?

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Thank you.

Gap Year Inspiration

The phenomenon with taking a “Gap Year” experience is growing with every year that passes, thousands of people are taking a year out of studying and work to go travel, experience new cultures and enjoy life before they jump back on the daily grind of life.

If you’ve been thinking about taking some time out to go on a crazy adventure then you might want to take a look at some ideas that will hopefully inspire you to get out there in the big wide world and create some awesome stories.

1.  If you are an animal enthusiast, there’s no better way to get involved than to find an ethical programme and volunteer with a lion conservation in Africa.

2. Head to France on part of an Au Pair Project and help a local family. After you’ve finished, you have a vast choice of spots to visit (Paris, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame & your childhood favourite, Disneyland).

3. Get yourself down under and backpacking around Australia. Help with vegetable picking at a local farm when the funds get low, you’ll have great fun, an awesome tan and the extra cash to extend your travels.

4. Gain your TEFL certificate and or take part in an internship abroad in Asia. It looks great on your CV as well.

5. Find a Elephant conservation in Thailand and spend the day helping bath and feedin the giant mammals.

6. Give yourself a time limit and see how many countries you can travel to in Europe within that.

7. Head to Thailand Or Nepal and teach English to Buddhist Monks.

8. Travel to South Africa and help save Sea Turtles on a conservation project.

9. Hang out with lemurs in the Fort Dauphin area in Madagascar.

10. Get yourself booked onto a safari weekend across Africa to see the Big 5. Feeling adventurous? Ditch the vehicle and do it on Horseback.

Facebook-20150430-041826 - Copy
11.  Live like a local in Italy on a language exchange programme whilst learning Italian and teaching English.

12. Travel around Asia and offer to teach English in the schools on your journey.

13. Head to South Africa to see Dolphins and Whales whilst helping on a coastal conservation programme.

14. Be daring and conquer your fear of heights by skydiving, paragliding, Bunjee Jumping and parachuting.

15. Volunteer with a Crocodile conservation in India.


16. Gain your open water certificate and go Scuba Diving in the Great Barrier Reef.

17. Become a qualified ranger guide at a nature park in Africa and see the Big 5.

18. Look after orphaned children in Nepal.

19. Volunteer in Fiji and help teach children English and teach sports.

20. Scared of Water? Get yourself White-Water Rafting over the River Nile in Uganda.

Top Tips For International Travel

Okay, so if it’s your first time travelling or maybe you are a seasoned traveller but with all the excitement you’ve forgotten something. Worry not, below you will find a list of some great tips to check on before your trip.

Security & Health

1. Vaccinations & insurance!
It’s #1 for a strong reason. Ensure you have all the required vaccinations & any prescriptions you may require. Some airports require proof of vaccinations and won’t allow you into the country unless you can prove you’ve been vaccinated. (Ask your GP or travel clinic for a vaccination card). Make sure your insurance policy provider applies for overseas emergencies.

2. Photocopy your important documents.
How would you feel if your passport was stolen or you lost it? You’ll want to make sure you can prove your citizenship. Photocopies are a must!

3. Leave a copy of your passport at home.
Leaving a copy of your documents at home with someone you trust for extra backup. (Just in case you need it).

4. Register with your embassy.
This will make it easier for your government to get you to safety and into contact with you should there be an issue in country.

5. Water.
Make sure you are aware of the water situation in the area you are heading out to. Is it safe to drink tap water? Are you going to be purchasing bottles every day? Consider taking out all the risks by taking a water filtration unit with you in your luggage. For information on water filters, make sure you check out this link.


6. Research your conversion rates before leaving.
It can be a nasty surprise finding out you have £20 left out of £200 because you’ve spent more money on the conversion than you budgeted for. Do your maths before you travel and try to get a sense of what the conversion rate is.

7. Go to a bank or ATM in the country you’re visiting.
Trying to convert your cash in the airport and around the city can sometimes be a great rip-off for you. Find a local bank and the conversion will be a better rate for you.

8. Local cash is a must.
Not every place you visit will accept Chip & Pin or plastic, especially not on public transport.

9. Contact your bank or card provider.
I’ve been caught with this once and it’s a nightmare to get sorted. Contact your bank before leaving and alert them to your travelling plans. If you are from the UK and suddenly start using your card in the middle of Peru, they are going to question the “fraudulent activity” and will block your card as a safety measure.

10. Check any visa requirements or entrance/exit fees.
These fees are not included in your airline ticket price, can arrange from $25-$200 and are required to enter or leave a country.


Local Research

11. Purchase your tickets now for the places you wish to visit.
Purchasing tickets in advance will help you skip queues and earn better deals which are targeted towards you.

12. Scout out & purchase some guide books.
You can get maps, keywords and basic phrases which give you great detail on certain sites ensuring you save money from purchasing information at the location you are visiting. Download any travel apps before you leave to avoid downloading the charging for your data.

13. Whilst out there, find local events.
There’s nothing worse than missing out on the best events in the city because you weren’t aware of them. I’m talking, ceremonies, festivals and annual events. Find the national dish and the best local cuisine. You’ll be kicking yourself if you’ve missed what it’s known for.


14. Ensure you have a charger adapter.
There are different size voltage & plugs in different countries, if you want to use your phone or iPod a day after arriving. You’ll need to be charging it.

15. Check the voltage of your electronics.
So you’ve got a suitable adapter and you still can’t use your gadgets because the voltage isn’t high enough. Nightmare.

Luggage & packing

16. 1 outfit in your hand luggage bag.
You don’t want to be wearing a snowsuit because you’ve left the UK at 2am and in the freezing cold, get to your location, it’s absolutely boiling and you find your luggage has been lost. Firstly, you’ll be massively uncomfortable &… I don’t think there needs to be another reason. Pack something just incase this happens. Rather be safe than sorry right.

17. Do you check the bag in or not?
Every airline will have it’s own set of guidelines detailing how many bags can be checked in &/or carried on for free. To avoid any last minute fees before leaving, make sure you have done your research on this.

Lastly, above anything else. Just enjoy it. Experience the new location for everything it has to offer. Take lots of photos and fully immerse yourself into the local culture.

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