Why should you partner with us?

Being an advocate for responsible travel and protecting our environment, it is easy for me to see why partnering with both Global Travel Adventures & Team Livelihood is a no-brainer.

For those who don’t understand who we are, what our mission is or what we do, then it won’t be as apparent as I’d like to think, this post, however, will highlight the basics and help you to make an informed decision about taking that first step towards your goals.

If you love to travel, get involved with NGOs and volunteer with international development projects then this could be for you.

If you are wanting to make a legacy for yourself whilst empowering those around you and helping other people develop both personally and professionally then this could be for you.

If after reading this, you decide you would like to help grow and expand our message and our mission, then, this could be for you.

International Growth???

A lot of people and companies talk about the potential and opportunity for international expansion but very few actually are able to offer this legitimately… As you will see from our map below, there is a huge opportunity for you to build your own legacy across the globe and help us to create a true Global Travel Adventure.


Standards and Ethics???

Why choose a company to partner with which has little to no transparency in its product lines, payment plan and way of business…

Create The Lifestyle You Truly Desire???

Team Livelihood is proud to partner with ARIIX as well as being a member of Global Travel Adventures. What sets us out from the other companies is that we are a team of people who are actively travelling, whether that be taking part in voluntary projects around the world, setting up businesses across the globe or learning skillsets and developing projects to help other people.

Team Livelihood is a group of people of all ages, backgrounds & positions in life with one common goal, helping others unleash their potential.

Sound like something you could be a part of?

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