Top three hacks to saving money in the airport and on holiday

If you are anything like me, you love travelling but often get irritated at the ways airports and travel companies can make extra £££ out of you when you go on holiday.

Below you will find my 3 top tips to hacking the system and saving money in the airport and on holiday.

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Luggage allowance

We have all been caught out at least once with the weight allowance at the airport and the tough choice of paying £15+ per extra KG or getting rid of sun lotion, body wash, hair products and expensive aftershave/body spray…

Consider taking some some of our use bodywash/shampoo & conditioner with you. These packs are not only lightweight, convenient for travel but also free of damaging and harmful ingredients often found in a lot of main cosmetic companies. (Also not tested on animals)

It saves time, space and weight in your bag as well as avoiding purchasing local branded care products when you arrive at your destination. It also means you have extra room for any souviners or extra clothing.

Packs come in sizes of 10 & 30 which make it convenient for short and long getaways.

Water consumption

So you are at the airport after a long and tiring journey with a newly purchased bottle of water only to find you either have to drink it at security or get rid of it. As if this isn’t painful enough already, you can guarantee the same bottle you’ve just had to get rid off is going to be 5x as expensive on the other side of the gate…

What happens when you get to a different country and can’t drink tap water, you have lots of different conversations about which bottled water is going to give you the least gut trouble afterwards… Not the ideal situation when you are wanting to enjoy your well deserved break.

This is where Puritii water filtration system comes in. One filter is the equivalent to 450 plastic bottles as well as being safe and practical to use in any water source*. Not only are you saving the planet through the reduction of plastic but also saving a great amount of cash on water when on your travels.

Ps: If you are stranded, have no water and need to go toilet, this filter will turn it into safe drinking water.

*one filter lasts 10-12 weeks dependant on usage

Travel reward programs

A lot of flight companies offer in house loyalty schemes where the more you fly with them, you get to retrieve gifts like free cabin upgrades and points to use on future flights.

I found a system which saves and gives you back money £ for £ on travel. 😍 The basic idea is that when you sign up, you receive £200 to use on the same system used by companies such as Expedia. You get the lowest public price available as the company chips money in to the price depending on what you have saved and then whatever you pay converts back into travel £££ to use again and again.

Want to go to Thailand? Book your flights first, receive your travel £££ and then use them to save even more money on hotels to which you also receive £££. That’s the basic principle but if you’d like to know more, click here

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