Seeing the light on Alcohol

This is my personal experience with Alcohol & I am hoping this post can and will help you take the steps you need to lead a healthier life.

Most people enjoy going out and drinking and I was definitely one of them. I used to enjoy going out and drinking (mostly every night of the week).Over the last two years, I used to say that working in the clubs was a just reason to drink and that I just loved the party atmosphere, I would normally find a reason to drink. I remember feeling great, being on top of the world and having countless laughs.

I and my friends used to find the idea of me not drinking for even a day funny and we used to make comments about me not being able to function properly without beer hilarious… I tried the Stoptober (no alcohol for October) last year and think I got a week in and caved in…

So many people enjoy how it makes them feel; more confident, fewer worries with a sense of being relaxed and in a better mood.

Well, I spent 12 weeks in Bangladesh without touching a single drop, I found the cutoff easier and without any real desire to drink. I come back to the UK and have had 4 nights out since my return (excessive drinking) & I’m honestly confused how I was able to put myself through feeling as awful as much as I did.

There is nothing great or relaxing about not being able to look at food the next day due to a crippling headache and the desire to vomit every time you move. Going over the night before in your head does nothing to boost your confidence when you realise what you do and say to people.

It took me 12 weeks of abstaining from alcohol to realise how unhealthy and damaging this legal substance is.. Proud to say, I’ve seen the light.

Looking back, I can honestly say the whole thing is purely based on mindset. I was thinking going to Bangladesh and not being able to drink would be hard for me but I found it a lot easier than I thought I would have done. The hardest part is how accessible it is back home but realising the negative effects it has on your health, it is easy to prioritise and not make a purchase of poison.

I am certain people reading this will be preparing themselves for Stoptober this year. If you would like a helping hand with some great health products to get you moving forward on this journey.

I am releasing an incredible VIP Detox kit, for anyone serious about kickstarting a healthier lifestyle, this is for you:

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