The Importance of Taking Ownership

So many times I hear people talking about taking ownership of our actions but I think for a lot of people, it’s hard to describe or begin to put these words into action. In any aspect of your life, the choice to take ownership, whether that be personal, career or work requires both responsibility and accountability.

“Ownership is not just about admitting when you’re wrong. It’s also about recognising what you’ve done right.” George Mason, Founder and President of Morse and Associates.

Learning not only when you have made a wrong choice and how to avoid taking the same steps is just as important as learning what you have done right and how to continue taking the same steps. Carry on reading if you are looking to find out how to take ownership of your actions and help those around you to do the same.

Learn to take initiative / Allow others to take initiative

If you are an employee, you will be more likely to approach your manager/team leader/supervisor when faced with a problem or issue. WHY? It’s simply to do with the perception you have of your supervisors being your problem solvers. Automatically it is the managers’ job to resolve every issue and make decisions.


It’s important to recognise this if you are in a managerial position that you need to refrain from being there at every beg and call your employees come to you with. Take some time out to empower them and give them the opportunity to take the initiative to face the issue themselves.

Setting an example
It doesn’t matter what aspect of your life you are looking to improve, a key way of taking ownership is to set an example and lead from the front. Encouraging other people to take responsibility by doing so yourself is going to move you forward exponentially.

Whether you are dealing with an unhappy customer or a difficult client and you have people who answer to you, the worst thing you can do is to take your frustration out on them. Take the blame and ensure you are being responsible and accountable for the poor performance. Anyone who looks up to you will see this and will be an excellent tool to show them how to take ownership for their own action as they will be more confident in taking the initiative and making mistakes. Remember, making mistakes and failing is an important step in becoming and being successful.

Focus on results

This one should be obvious but so many times I head out to shops, restuarants or even listening to people talk to eachother on the street, I hear people playing the blame game, analysing and spending effort focusing on the issues rather than taking positive action…

Instead of doing this and teaching other people to focus the negative, recognise a mistake has been made and help them learn how to solve and work toward absolving the problem at hand. Being results orientated is a sure way to ensure progress is being made.

Make sure you applaud the efforts of people around you

Once people are willing to embark on their own journeys towards resolving problems, you need to make it your priority to help them further realise all the answers to moving
forward is in their own hands and encouraging them to stay on the right track is going to provide them with confidence and positive traits needed to keep making it work.

I have recently read Who Moved My Cheese. If you haven’t read it, I definitely recommend doing so. It’s literally reached all corners of the world and the insight into your own life and the lessons you can gain from it is genuinely incredible.

I can almost guarantee that by reading this, you will understand the importance of changing your own views and by implementing the lessons in this book, you will see very easily how easy it is to applaud the efforts of people around you.


Helping others

Taking ownership of your actions more than often results in helping those around you. It’s very easy to take credit for a task that has been completed well but when you take the ownership for a task that hasn’t been done that well which someone else has done, the value that individual will receive from this is so powerful. Not only do they learn not to repeat the same mistake but like previously mentioned, they also learn to be more confident in their own ability.

In short, our lives are complex and very hectic, just by you being able to take ownership of your actions, you will find you have a positive impact of those around you as well as providing you with valuable insights to taking action in the right way and ensuring you are constantly moving forward.


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