Living life on your own terms.

So often, I hear people say “I’d love to go travel like you do” or “I really like what you are doing, but I’ll never be able to do it” The hardest thing for me doing this, is not doing it and trying to explain to people can be quite difficult…

The conversation which sums it all up.

When I ask people why they have such a negative view or why they aren’t doing what they want, I normally get a response like “I just haven’t got the time” Or “I don’t have the money”.

I used to feel bad for the individuals I was talking to but then I remembered when I was in the same situation and how much I was making excuses for myself, not taking full responsibility for anything and allowing other people to run my life for me.

You see, people in this predicament are always focusing on the negative aspects of their life or the lack of things they have such as time and money.
I’m a firm believer in the law of attraction and if you make your bed then you have to lay in it.

People tell me they hate their jobs but then aren’t doing anything to change their situation, the lack of money or time or the crappy job isn’t the issue.
If you have a willingness to change, you will find yourself working towards your goals.
I’m not saying it’s going to be easy or fun at all times, you will get stressed, you’ll burn out, you’ll want to fall prey to the activity you don’t want to do but if you want something so badly, you will keep stepping towards it, regardless of the challenge ahead.


What Can You Do To Change Your Life?

Luckily for you, there are simple steps that you can make to change your life.



1. Obtain The Best Information.

In whichever field you are in, refuse to get the best information possible. Once you have it, spend your time and focus on learning it. It’s a crucial difference between finding information and finding the best information.

Which would your prefer to work with?


2. Find The Best People In Your Field To Use As Role Models.

Look for the best people in your field and follow their journey from the beginning, what were their work patterns like when they first started? How long did it take them to get where they are now? It didn’t happen over time but the difference between them and so many other people is their determination to keep driving it forward. Adopt a mindset of success and learn what works for you and what doesn’t.



3. Spend Time Looking At Your Current Beliefs.

What are your current beliefs? Are they supporting you? Or do you have self-limiting beliefs? You need to spend time on your personal obstacles and turn them around, when you understand what a self-limiting belief is, you can start to develop yourself as a person to combat these. To kickstart your brain into a new mindset, check out the following page about affirmations.

4. Shape Your Mindset With Goals.

Building your positive mindset is easier when you set goals, seeing a vision and knowing what you really desire. See goal setting and working out your why? for more information.


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Thank you.

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