Carbohydrates And Weight Loss.

I recently had a conversation about fats and carbohydrates and how they are responsible for health-related issues. Everyone talks about fats and how they are bad for you but let me explain that sometimes they can be used for your benefit.

The Truth About Fats.

The truth is quite simple. Fats do not make you fat…

“Erm, what?”

It’s true, fats don’t make you fat, in fact, it’s actually carbohydrates that help you load the pounds on. You are probably wondering how?
Eating carbohydrates causes high blood sugar and secretion of insulin, which as we know, gives a short burst of energy instantly followed by a “low” or a “slump” which often causes a slump in your mood too (which is your blood sugar levels dropping).

Low blood sugar is a huge reason that people over eat and have cravings.

carbohydrates can, of course, be burnt off with exercise but with our hectic lifestyles, many of us don’t get the exercise we need to get rid of the excess carbs.

We talk about the different types of carbs but let’s be honest, there are only two different types: Good Carbs & Bad Carbs (those you burn & those you don’t).




Welcome to the Carbohydrate addiction cycle.

The “CAC” is as powerful an addiction as any illegal substance. The only way of cutting this addiction is like any other.
You need to go cold turkey. The remarkable thing about this then is losing your fuel source by dodging the carbs.
If you aren’t receiving the fuel from carbohydrates then it’s got to come from somewhere else, and where does it come from? Your fat reserve. It’s these fats which will help break the cycle supporting you in your weight loss goal.

How does this work?

Omega 3’s in particular turn on the fat burning mechanism in the body and turn off the fat production mechanism so make sure you turn to a good source of Omega Oils. Good Omega oils also increase thermogenesis (body heat) which means you burn fat off as heat too!

In addition, fats keep you feeling fuller for longer and sustain energy levels without peaks and troughs so remove the cravings that make regular dieting so difficult.


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