What makes a person magnetic or irresistible?

Do you find there’s always that one person who always has a flair of good luck about them?
I’m sure you are fully aware of who I mean, that one girl who everyone thinks is drop-dead beautiful but still manages to get whatever from whoever she wants? (Before we all start kicking off, let me explain myself).

There’s a lot more to the outer beauty of these people & that what magnetises others to them. When they walk into a building, the whole room lights up.
They accomplish just about anything they desire purely because of their charisma and attitude…Or sometimes, it’s even as simple as showing kindness.

Their whole persona just beams out confidence, joy and compassion. You know there’s something completely different but you can’t quite work out why…

People who are likable are conscious of the way they treat others. They realise that arrogance kills likeability more than anything People who are irresistible don’t act like they are better than you.

Irresistible people don’t act as if they are better than you. They actually believe that you have the ability to succeed and create the life that you want. But, what’s the secret to truly being this type of person?



1. They Treat Everyone With Dignity And Respect.

They have no need to put other people down. Their ability to treat everyone the same is incredible. They will treat a homeless person the exact way they would a CEO of a huge company which is what makes them so likeable. There is simply no status that is able to separate individuals from each other. They understand that we are all part of the human race.

2. Gossiping Is A Big No…

A person who is charismatic has no need to gossip about people as a means to take part in conversations. They have more important things to be doing and always endeavour to bring the best of themselves to the table, helping other people to shine. They are so focused on uplifting others, their energy is what attracts people to them. Gossiping is hugely a negative trait. Charismatic & irresistible people have no time for it.

3. Treat Others How You Expect To Be Treated Is One Of Their Mottos.

“But that rule is flawed because it assumes that everyone wants to be treated the same way. In reality, people have different desires and goals.”

A person who is irresistible understands this perfectly, it’s their number one rule: Simply treat others they way they wish to be treated.

4. They Understand Boundaries.

People who are irresistible don’t need to please people all the time. They understand and know fully that there’s a place and a time for everything. Their ways of giving to and assisting others are healthy, they don’t drain themselves of energy to do so, they are able to find the balance between helping people and looking after themselves.


5. They Are Genuine People.

They don’t need to pretend to be someone they are not. You see what you get with them. Their self-confidence is bursting at the seams, whilst they might not have super-model looks, he or she can and will walk into any room with their confidence where they just have a glow about them. They understand their self-worth and they are not willing to allow others to dictate how they should be seeing themselves.

6. They Have Integrity.

Albert Einstein said:

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.”

Those who hold integrity hold it in their authenticity, not just that but they truly know what matters and they pass this on to other people around them. You will be made to question your principles, honesty and goodness.

One of the best lessons they can share with you: Integrity.

7. They Smile… Often.

One of the most powerful qualities a person has who is irresistible has is the ability to always smile, regardless of what is going on around them. Their energy is capable of bringing laughter to people. They know that helping people to smile is the solution to a lot of issues and is a great way of shutting out negativity.negativity.

8. They Show Compassion.

These people are very capable of showing empathy. They are very compassionate to animals, people and of course, nature. They get the fact that whilst you may be on top of the world one minute, you could find yourself struggling the next. It’s not just showing and being kind to those around you who you like but it’s also leaving the comfort zone, stepping into new places. They dare to take chances with people because they know it’s worth it.


9. They Love Life.

They are not exempt from emotional drama, challenges or facing obstacles, chances are they feel these and come across these the most, but they have a great understanding that life is an opportunity and it’s the only thing that is real. They understand it’s for taking chances, loving people and helping those around them. When they meet someone new, they will try to make the individual feel good about themselves & they cherish every moment in life.


10. They Bring People Together.

They just have an ability to bring like-minded people together, they connect people to each other and love to help other people succeed. Chances of finding yourself in someone’s enchantment, you will find yourself instantly connected on a deep level. You might refer to them as a teacher or a coach who can help you reach your next level.



11. They Love People.

The person who people class as irresistible is the one who is known as a “people person.”
They enjoy social situations, add to the energy and love stories and being around people. They have a great ability to attract others who are ready to smash their own goals.



12. They Know You Must Work Hard To Get Ahead.

These people probably always wear a smile and are able to have a laugh but they realise that without hard work and a bit of struggle you don’t get very far. Their work ethic and will to succeed is what keeps them focused on accomplishing their dreams. Their success happens because they refuse to give up.
Let’s be honest, the only time anyone really loses is when they give up.

13. They Listen.

“People like to know you’re listening, and something as simple as a clarification question shows not only that you are listening but that you also care about what they’re saying. You’ll be surprised how much respect and appreciation you gain just by asking good questions.”

The irresistible person has this innate ability to stare into your spirit and truly make you feel as if you are understood, acknowledged and loved.

14. Positive Attitudes.

Despite the obstacles and challenges, these people always keep a positive attitude. They despise feeding into negative emotions, very rarely entertain the self-pity act from anyone, tend to avoid arguments and quite often search for an optimistic approach to the burdens of life.

15. They Always Use Their Manners.

The ability to show gratitude is a magic wand for the irresistible person.
They recognise compliments go a long way in life. What really makes others like you are simple manners: Please and Thank you. These are taught to us from an early age, are never misused and are very powerful in making people feel accepted.


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