The Signs Of Dehydration.

So I’m currently in Bangladesh around my 1/2 way point with VSO & ICS and I was thinking about how much water I had been consuming since arriving and it significantly helped me with the idea of writing this post.

If the weather where you are is approaching Summer then this is really important for you to take in, although you can become dehydrated anytime of the year, there’s a higher risk of it during the Summer days.


Here are a few things to look out for:

Dry skin.

Some of the earliest indicators of dehydration present themselves on your skin. If there’s not enough water in your body, you stop sweating. When you don’t sweat, your skin
begins to dry, so use this to your advantage and grab some more water.

Dry eyes.

Your eyes will start to dry out. Severe dehydration can also impede your ability to produce tears, which leads to dry, red, burning eyes.

Joint pain.

Materials such as cartilage and ligaments are roughly 88% liquid, and water helps naturally lubricate joints to keep you moving effortlessly and pain-free, your joints can become painful with movement.

Fatigued and lethargic.

Your body will start to slow down in order to conserve resources. Water acts as your body’s fuel, and when you’re starting to run low, you will experience sleepiness and fatigue.

Decreased urine output.

The average person should be visiting the restroom 4-7 times a day minimally. Also, urine color is a good indicator; the darker it is, the more dehydrated you are.


This can indicate inadequate water consumption, particularly when combined with one or more of the other symptoms of dehydration.


Most people don’t realize that hunger pain can actually signal a need for water, not just food. Your body will try to tell you when it needs more water, sometimes by increasing your hunger. Try sipping water before reaching for a snack.



Lackluster workouts.

The workout sessions that seem to drag on, the yoga poses that are suddenly impossible, the weights you can’t lift even though you just did the week before. Your body, including every muscle, tendon, ligament, and blood cell, run off of water. You can’t operate at maximum capacity without it and your exercise regimen will suffer because of it.



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Thank you.

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