So you’ve started your fitness programme and it’s been a few weeks when the inevitable conversation comes up about supplements and you are faced with an awkward question.

Have you thought about taking supplements?”

If you haven’t before, then by this point, you will almost certainly be thinking about it, so the person you are speaking to advises you where to go and what to look for.
You go to your local shop and browse all the different products on offer, so many price slashes and deals you just don’t know which one to pick.
The one suggested isn’t on the shelf and the staff member you ask for help promotes the “best seller” to you as per his or her training.

Puzzled By That Emoticon


To add confusion to the mix, a friend tells you to avoid supplements at all cost due to the effects they can have, another friend tells you that all supplements are okay & you aren’t too sure on who or what to listen to.


Guy Pulling Hair Out


Balanced Diet & Nutrition In Food.

It’s a well-known fact that eating a balanced diet is crucial to keeping your fitness game strong along with taking your required nutrients, but are you aware that the nutritional value has dropped in food significantly over the years in comparison to what it used to be?


Do Your Research.

I suggest that you spend a considerable amount of time looking in-depth at all products you are thinking about purchasing. You need to remember, this isn’t a new toy you are purchasing, supplements are effectively improving your health, your performance and stimulation. They are absorbed into your system so you seriously need to be thinking about it.

Ask yourself: Is it better just because it’s cheaper?  I highly doubt it. 95% of the time, there’s a reason the cheaper products are cheaper.

“I’m saving money by purchasing these at £10 as opposed to a different brand” Sorry to break it to you, but it’s rare you are saving money. In fact, you are losing money. These supplements aren’t effective as they need to be, are often poorly manufactured and have a very small amount of nutrients that they are being sold for.

Before purchasing any supplement, you need to be asking yourself:

Do the supplements I am about to purchase have any certification?
Are they accredited with rigorous testing practices?
Who are the supplements backed by?

These are vital questions you should be asking yourself, remember that there is no substitute for your health and you can’t put a price on it.

This is just adding to the mix of issues…

I hear you & it’s probably not what you wanted to be hearing, especially if you are currently purchasing products at a low price. What you have to remember is there are very few corporations who actually care for you health or wellbeing, it’s all about profit making for them and you are merely are a consumer adding to their money pot.

Among my journey, I have found a brand of nutritional supplements that I would definitely recommend you add to your routine. These support your Bones, Nerves & Muscles as well as supporting your Heart, Eyes, Skin & Lungs, through a comprehensive spectrum of vitamins & minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients.


Why The Recommendation?

Is it the fact have been added to the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference)?

This happens to be one of the most important and frequently consulted reference books in the industry.

Virtually every physician across the USA uses the PDR. What do they know about these Optimals?


Is it the fact that they have been added to the Informed Sports list?

Informed-Sport certifies that every supplement and raw material with the Informed-Sport logo has passed a rigorous certification process and is made with the highest quality standards.

Athletes use Informed-Sport as part of their risk management strategy when choosing which supplement products to use.

“Are you telling me that Doctors and Athletes are using and recommending these?”

Exactly. Athletes, as well as Doctors, are trusting these nutritional supplements.

Here’s what Tom Jackson, VP of Product Development & Regulatory Affairs has to say on the matter.

“We are proud to have this certification on our products, as validation that they are free of any contaminants and banned substances. Our consumers can have complete confidence in our products”

Click on the following link for more information about the Optimals.

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Thank you.

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