Slenderiiz Competition

Take Part in a Healthy Challenge!

At ARIIX, we support healthy living – which is why we want to reward you for living a clean lifestyle daily. Want to take part in a healthy challenge and win some money along with it? Take a look at the rules and steps below!

Want to participate? Read the full rules, check the prizes below and share the enthusiasm with #SlenderiizYourself.

From today until June 8, you can purchase a pack containing the Slenderiiz Day & Night drops (check below for which packs apply), submit a before picture on June 16-17 and those with the best progress by July 14 can win amazing cash prizes!


1. Purchase a pack containing Day & Night drops, between May 27 and June 8. Examples: new packs created for the Slenderiiz competition (with Rejuveniix, Restoriix or Pure Nourish), and any other packs containing additional products (see Total Body Transformation Pack, 3X pack, etc.). Slenderiiz single or 2-pack is not included in this.

Packs included are shown at the bottom of this post

2. Fill form and submit pictures. Link for this will be provided on June 16, 2017.


1st place – 500 GBP/EUR
2nd place – 300 GBP/EUR
3rd place – 200 GBP/EUR
4th to 10th place – 100 GBP/EUR worth of products

Winners will be chosen based on a Total Body Transformation. Certain factors that will be considered: weight loss, muscle gain, lifestyle changes (e.g. quit smoking), etc.

Purchase Day & Night drops in a pack containing additional products (regular or promo) between May 27 and June 8.
Order number will be needed when filling out the Entrance Form. Ensure that your shipment will arrive in time to start the Competition. Note: Auto Delivery orders will not count towards the Slenderiiz Competition.

Submit Entrance Form + Before Pictures as attachments from June 16, 2017. Link for Entrance form will be provided on the same day. Note: Before and After pictures must be taken with June 16/17, 2017 and July 14, 2017 newspaper editions, respectively, in the background.

EXAMPLES = Take pictures on the following days, to be submitted all together on July 15 (along with the relevant newspaper): 5th Day > June 21 7th Day > June 23 9th Day > June 25 14th Day > June 30 21th Day > July 7 28th Day > July 14 CONQUER CONQUER THE CRAVINGS, YOUR BODY.

Competition Packs





Essential Pack (Uk)Total Body Transformation Pack (Uk)3x Clinical Pack (Uk)


Slenderiiz Plus



To take part in this competition, simply follow this link, purchase one of the above packs and get ready to transform your life for Summer 2017. #Slenderiizyourself


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