Do you know your WHY?

This is a big subject for me & if you’ve read my pages, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. I’ve always been fairly impulsive with making decisions and I didn’t look at anything when I was younger with the level of seriousness that I should have.

In the past, this had placed me in some pretty bad positions yet in a weird way, I’m thankful for the experiences. I’m thankful that I’ve been able to learn such vital lessons at such a young age because it’s put me on the path which is right for me.

I hope that this post is able to help you work out which journey is best for you.

I joined the British Army purely for money and I absolutely hated it, got myself in more trouble than it was worth and put myself through no end of emotional stress for no real reason other than the fact, I hadn’t paid enough attention to what I was feeling before I signed up.

I realised that money clearly wasn’t my stimulant for success, neither was a ‘career’ path in a field I had no interest in. I’ve never heard a truer quoute than this “I’d rather be at the bottom of a ladder I want to climb than at the top of one I don’t”. Even though I had only just started in the Army, I quickly gathered the fact I’d rather not spend 10+ years building a career in that type of environment.

I loved the promotional work in nightclubs and the party environment & a big part of me still does, but it’s not until I look back and realise that I don’t miss it one single bit. I don’t miss drinking for the fun of it, eating greasy kebabs every night because it’s cold and the only place still open, I certainly don’t miss waking up every day with a fuzzy head at 1 in the afternoon, feeling lethargic and not wanting to go anywhere or do anything. Maybe I am growing up finally?

I started a network marketing business, (for more info Click here) & I was on one of the weekly team training calls with a life coach about self limiting belief. It made a lot of sense so afterwards, I tracked the coach down to follow up on the call and personally thank him for his words. We had a conversation and I signed up for 1-1 weekly coaching sessions.
I filled a form out online, answered a few questions and received a very detailed evaluation on the answers I had provided. Lets just say, I was impressed. It’s about 5am & I have my first coaching call with him. The first question he asks me “Karl, what is your why for starting this business?”

That one question left me speechless, I hadn’t an answer for him and I instantly felt like I was being interrogated. I wanted to say money but it wasn’t true, I thought for a few seconds and went to say something along the lines of “A healthy lifestyle” but again, it wasn’t true, especially with the drinking, late nights and a bad diet. I was empty. I shrugged my shoulders through the webcam & said “Without lying, I couldn’t tell you”

I genuinely think this was one of the most important lessons I could have ever learnt. I needed to work out what my why was. I finished the call and went back to my notebook and pen & scribbled every reason that I thought it was until I was empty on the matter.
I was looking at this bit of paper, desperately trying to find an answer: health, finances, relationships, family, status. None of it was making any sense.

I put the paper to one side and sat there in silence in my own head thinking about my life & the moments in life I was most at peace & in a good place. UGANDA!!!! (It came screaming at me as though it was in capital bold letters). In that moment I realised what my “why” actually was. Travelling, experiencing new cultures, gaining new experiences through volunteering & putting my money to good use. I realised that a job wouldn’t be able to offer me the time freedom to be able to do what it was I wanted & quickly worked out that the vehicle capable of making this a reality was working on myself, creating a brand and building my business from home.

Am I where I want to be? No but by taking the time to reflect on myself, work out what I want to acheive and where I want to be, I am on the right path and I invite all of you to take the plunge into finding out what your why is.

The lightbulb moment to this is literally life changing and you will see yourself, your ambition & focus in a way you never once thought possible.


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