Are you an Eagle or a Pigeon?

So it’s bank holiday Monday and a lot of people I know have been going out, drinking and enjoying life like there’s no tomorrow…

I have a VIP group on Facebook and I made a similar post a few Fridays back.

Before we all start relaxing, hitting the bars, pubs & clubs, forgetting all about the world, I want you to spend a bit of time thinking about something.

You need to take the time to look at the people around you & I mean seriously. Are the people around you right now in your life feeding you in a positive way? Are they helping & supporting you to achieve your goals and dreams or are they holding you back?

I am a firm believer in this and if you take a moment to look at yourself, you’ll probably agree, you are an average of the 5 people you spend most of your time around, therefore it’s important you are choosing your friends very wisely.

Maybe, you see yourself as the most successful person in your entire friendship circle which is great. It truly is. Let’s be honest with each other though. How long are you willing to be the big fish in a small pond? You’ll find it gets cramped pretty soon & you’ll feel the need to desperately escape.

Grow yourself as a person, make it an active mission to compete and win against your yesterday’s self. Make self-development your biggest hobby. Never settle for the average, the mundane or the menial. You are better than that. So much better.

Whatever it is you feel like you want to pursue in life, you need to go after it. Grab it by both horns and take it for the ride, don’t let go, no matter how hard it is. If you do fall off, get back up and jump straight back on. Don’t worry about anything other than chasing your dreams.

If you find yourself walking this part of the journey on your own, remember you have your own mind & determination to keep you focused. This is the best friend you will ever need right now.

“When it rains, all birds fly for shelter but the Eagle alone avoids the rain by flying above the clouds”
What is the lesson here?
“We must be like the Eagle and fly above the storms of life”

Are you a pigeon or an eagle?

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