The right path?

I’m hearing this a lot at the moment & I had to put my thoughts on it…. that there is no “wrong” path to life, that every path is the right path and will take you to your destination….

How true is this? I mean, are we actually being true to ourselves when we say this or are we kidding ourselves?
Trust me when I say this, I know exactly what it’s like to be on the “wrong path”. I’m talking about a path that just feels wrong. It in no way serves you as a person, nor does it bring your soul to life. In your heart & gut, it’s wrong, you know it is and you’ll do anything to get out of that place. You 100% understand there is something so much bigger and better out there for you.

 Don’t get me wrong, I really believe that everything does have a purpose and you are placed in a location but it’s to put you on a more ideal path, it provides you with plenty of insight to where you don’t want to be and you ultimately learn so much from the experience. My time in the Army was undoubtedly the worst experience in my life to date, but I look back on it & I realise how much I’ve developed from my time and how it’s led me to where I am right now.

When we spend time looking at those gut feelings, we can really live a life guided by our intuition which will never take you down the wrong path.

Here are 3 signs you may not be on the right path in life:

1) A great sense of internal emptiness

You genuinely feel empty inside.

Waking up and getting out of bed becomes a chore & you feel that if this how your life continues this way, you will be unhappy for the remainder of your time on this planet.

If your current life is unsustainable for you and your life, that if things don’t change you will go through your whole life miserable and upset, then you need to change something.

It’s your soul telling you to look inside of yourself, go deep and work out what your gut feelings are telling you.

Your intuition is more tuned than you give it credit for. If something doesn’t feel right. There’s a very good reason for it.

2) You have a deep feeling that your time is being wasted.

You feel like your time on this planet is being wasted.

You get a deeper sense that life is so short and you need to spend your time more wisely in ways that are more fulfilling to yourself.

Again, like above, if you have a gut feeling that your time is being wasted, you might want to start paying attention, there’s more than likely a very good reason for it.

If you don’t feel that you can have your dream job (Whilst I like to think anyone can achieve whatever they desire) some people, just won’t go for it, even still, every single one of us has a longing to leave our own creative mark on this planet.

Honestly, if you are not creating, serving or developing yourself then you will always have that deep feeling of your time being wasted.

3) You know something is amiss so you do anything you can to fill that void.

Most of your day is spent filling that void. Procrastination, addiction, TV, Memes, partying. You will find anything you can to distract yourself from that painful feeling that you need to change your path in life.
Often materialistic possessions are used as a way to supplement your lack of purpose or meaning in life. This void is your hearts desire to come alive. Don’t ignore it or try to fill it but allow it to direct you onto a better path.

I’m not trying to induce any sort of negative emotion from this and it’s not trying to encourage self-guilt or sadness, more to inspire you. I’ve been in this situation myself & it’s truly horrible. You feel powerless to your situation and because of that, you fill that negative feeling with “treats” to shut it out. Materialism, alcohol, partying etc.

I was honest with myself and it took a great amount of grit to get myself out of that place, be honest with yourself, look deep inside and listen to your intuition & ask yourself if the path you are on right now is where you KNOW you should be on…

Maybe we are on a self-destructive path of addiction, self-denial and self-hate. Maybe we aren’t spending time with our loved ones, or maybe we are being suppressed at work and our drive isn’t being allowed to show.

Whatever it may be for you, take some time out to listen to yourself, connect with your inner-knowing and follow that wisdom. If you know in your heart that there is something that needs to be changed, your soul is either mistaken or something needs to change.

I’ll leave that last thought to you but remember we only have on shot at this thing called life. Who are you living your life for? Find your passion & chase it.

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