Buckets or Water Pipe?

I want you to imagine a scenario and answer the questions at the bottom of this post.

You enter a new town and get approached by the Mayor. You get offered an opportunity to make money. “There is a water shortage in my town & the nearest water source is some way away, for every gallon of water you are able to bring into my town well, I will give you £10, take these two buckets to carry the water”

You do this for a few years and become an active member of society amongst the townspeople.

One day, a young town member approaches you and tells you about his plan to build a water pipe, he explains that he has all the equipment available as he’s been making it for some years, but sees you are a hard worker and would like to help you earn more money by joining him.

He sits you down and explains to you that it’s taken a few years to build this pipe so he would require a small investment for you to purchase your part of the water pipe but you will make a % of the water flowing into the well from the pipe regardless of whether you are there or not, in the long run, making you a great amount of money.

1. Which do you choose?

A. The Water Pipe


B. The water Buckets?

2. Why are you more geared towards your option?

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