16 Things Where Success Separates From The Rest

I want you to really think about this. Sit down for one moment and take some time to think about your successful friends, now think about your friends that are always complaining…   If you don’t currently have any successful people around you or you can’t think of any, then these tips are going to make you that successful one that your mates will look upto.

Successful people speak and think completely differently to other people. They work 10 times as hard than anyone else. It’s easier than you think as well, but I promise you, you have to model yourself and gain education from the right people. Your unsuccessful mates are the ones feeding your mind lies. It’s time to ditch them.

“You’ll never achieve that, why don’t you just quit, it’s too hard, it’s meaningless” We’ve all heard this & it’s utter nonsense. If you have heard that from your ‘friends’ recently. Newsflash! They aren’t your friends. Ditch them. Listen to your successful friends and chase your dreams.

Here are 16 things your successful friends have given up:


1. They’ve given up believing they can’t change the world

The people who are successful know that it’s about your education, where you are born or how much money you start with; sucess is about trusting in yourself and believing you can and will one day change the world.
Every single one of us has the power and ability to do something of significant value.You need nobody to tell you that you are worthy or that you deserve to be phenomenal.
The people who are successful let that inner guide, that gut instinct, that self-belief to guide them & their vision for a better world. Successful people believe they can be part of a positive change that helps rise humanity to a higher level.


2. They’ve given up on luck

“Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity” – Oprah Winfrey

How many people have you heard praise Luck for something? I won the lottery because I was lucky. How about this, stop leaving your success on to a gamble and get out there and make it yourself.
Luck is a myth straight out. Your successful friends stopped believing in it a long time ago and have replaced luck with “hustle.”

Seriously, if you want something, go make it happen! Stop wasting time, get out there, there’s never going to be a right time to do anything so do it right now. You are in charge of your own success. Get out there and grab it by the horns!


3. They’ve given up on numbing pain

Now we all like a drink, but here’s the thing. Those who are successful aren’t trying to escape life by numbing the pain; they are trying to find the source to it and bulldoze it straight out of the way. You might see them drinking and enjoying the social life but a huge difference to them and everyone else, is they don’t always talk about people, they have plans, huge plans & they are out there meeting with other successful people working towards a unified vision.
They aren’t scared of failing, but they know that failing is part of the journey to success. Successful people don’t need to forget their failures by numbing the pain because they are so focused on learning from them rather than being pushed into darkness.


4. They’ve given up on negative people

You’ll find successful people have left their loser friends behind in the dust cloud. They aren’t sitting down and listening to people who have no drive, motivation or idea about anything. They avoid losers like a plague.

There’s one exception & this again is a big difference, your successful friends will hang out with losers when they have committed to turning their life around & they are asking for help. Your successful friends truly believe in helping others and sharing advice.

Do not let negative entities draw you a road map of how the world is supposed to be. Find & create yourself! Grab the piece of that map that guides your life from each of your successful friends. Use a combination of all of their knowledge, stop consuming information from everyone who brings you down and go out and execute it.


5. They’ve given up on time wasting

Your successful friends are really bad at procastinating. They know what they want, they have faith in what they can achieve, then they get started on their goals. They treat every moment in life as if it is precious, which it certainly is, they know this & are not willing to waste one single second of it.

When they grow old, successful people want to be proud of how they spent their time, how they changed the world and the people they were able to help, impact and inspire.
They want their legacy to last for generations to come.

They want a standing ovation for the way they have lived their life when they walk into a room. They find the gift of wisdom somewhat significant and are humbled by it so much they embrace it with every effort they can muster.


6. They’ve given up only consuming

Consuming isn’t something successful people like doing. Instead of consuming videos on YouTube all day, they’ll spend that time creating. They’ll spend so much time “doing” instead of just sitting there watching others “doing” and living the success they’ve always dreamt of.

Focus on spending 50% or more of your time creating and leave the rest of your time to fill in the blanks.

7. They’ve given up selfishness

You might have noticed successful people are selfless. Their vision, goals & maybe family comes before everything else. They are so focused on helping, serving and giving back to others. Basically; life is not all about them, even though they are always sharing their stories. There’s a great lot more behind their journey.

8. They’ve given up wasting their money

They way successful people handle money is different as well, they pay themselves first & large amounts of their income. They’ll never forget to give back to others & they’ll make it a habit, even when they don’t have much to give. How much you give will ultimately determine how rich you become.

9. They’ve given up on not believing in people

How you achieve anything if you don’t believe in people? Would Rome have been built if people hadn’t have helped eachother? Your successful friends see the good in people and pick their “A-Team” very wisely. They see talent & they absolutely love to polish and help people reach their full potential.  Your successful friends want to create more leaders rather than go it alone.

They can see past all the imperfections one might have & look for the light that is really trying to break through. They love to see and help people transform & believe anyone can be successful.

They are not going to hang around people who aren’t able to grasp that and are losers though.

“You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”.

10. They’ve given up on negative thoughts

“World War 3 is not being fought on the battlefield like prior wars; it’s being fought in our own minds”

Successful people have plenty of discipline when it comes to their own minds and what they want. It’s the center of their universe & they completely understand that success stems from this one place. They are constantly training their mind every day to avoid the default negative views.
Instead of focusing or challenging these negative thoughts, successful people do everything possible to let these thoughts pass like clouds in the sky. Acknowledgement of these negative thoughts is unavoidable but they choose to spend their time focusing on the positive thoughts that come to light in their consciousness.


11. They give up on the Bull****

Life is full of nonsense with no meaning. Your successful friends make a conscious choice to leave it behind. The things that have no service to them: the news, TV, Celebrity Gossip, Reality TV are all eliminated from their schedule. They hate meetings and if they are held for the sake of it…. Let’s just say it’s frowned upon.

Self-serving and egomaniac people are forgotten about. You need to sort through the dirt to find the golden nugget that makes you feel fulfilled. Being successful is all about not letting bull**** get in your way.  Adapt a low BS tolerance mentality. Don’t put up with other peoples and certainly don’t put up with your own.  Make a change for the better.


12. They’ve given up on being stuck in failure

“Failure is a cheap lesson in what’s not going to make you successful”

Successful people aren’t afraid of failing and they don’t let fail failure stop them. They understand it’s part of learning and actually embrace failure.

“Those who have never failed, have been too scared to try anything and will constantly remain in the comfort zone, forever resentful of the crazy world around them”

13. They’ve given up on being single

Your friends who are successful know that being single is a genuine myth. They look for a partner who is supportive through all their challenges and who reinforces their successful nature. They know when they get home, they need a good man or women who will be there for them

They realise that love makes the madness of life worthwhile. They don’t avoid love or try to postpone it, they make it a mission in life to find it while they carry on working at their vision.

It’s cool being single, for around 5 minutes until you are old, wrinkly watching all the happy couples dancing at the charity ball while you are sat in your chair. Somewhere, there will be a sinking feeling that you’ve missed out. You were so busy doing that you forgot to love. The one thing you were put on this great planet to do: Love.

14. They’ve given up on wearing a mask

Successful people have literally dropped their mask, unlike the corporate politicians, they are happy to be vulnerable. They share even the most personal of stories, being fake is a huge crime to them & letting themselves shine bright is the only way they will choose to live their life…

15. They’ve given up on people’s opinions of them

Successful people do not care what others think about them. They aren’t after approval, nor are they trying to impress anyone other than themselves, hence why they aren’t afraid to go out and fail.


16. They’ve given up on giving up

The final thing your successful things have given up is giving up. They’ve figured you can’t work a minimum amount of time, complain you aren’t getting traction and quit.

They definitely are not quitters. They fight all of the pain, struggle and personal battles to earn the title of being successful. It’s certainly not easy and what they do, more than anything else is refuse to give up!

To them, quitting is just not an option. Their passion breaks through every single barrier. They are insanely obsessed not to crack under the pressure and give in, so much so that nothing will stop them.

Where does this leave you? Do you think you can adopt this mindset and then go on to join your successful friends that dream island where they hang all day after a hard day of winning at life?

Well if you are still here, you certainly haven’t quit. I believe you can now go out there and chase those dreams.

Quitting is not an option, and they let their passion push through all the barriers. They’re insanely obsessed not to lose, and nothing is going to stop them. Could you adopt this mindset and then go on to join your successful friends on cloud nine where they all hang out after a day of winning at life? I believe you can. Do you?

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